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Labeling images directly on Google Colab (colaboratory)

TL; DR: I like Google Colab (Colaboratory) and I use it quite a lot because that way I can work during the night without waking up my wife with my laptop’s crazily loud gpu fan noises. Not so long ago I wrote a post where I shared two notebooks that allowed the user to save images and sounds directly from your webcam / mic to use inside a colab notebook.

Now, I put everything together in a python module and I added a super cool way to label images directly from a colab notebook! I’m not 100% sure, but I couldn’t find anything like that after googling a lot.

Here is one example where I added some labels to an image captured from my webcam using a colab notebook:

colab_utils labeling example

For more details I suggest you to go straight to the colab_utils repo.