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Wireless Power Transfer

Project Description:

This project focus on the improvement of efficiency and transferred power of an inductive link circuit by the exploration of different network configurations of capacitors connected to primary and secondary coils. Our initial motivations came from the necessity to charge a sealed battery powered electronic device designed to monitor variables such as impact strength, range of temperature and humidity associated with the transport of fruits.

My role in this project:

This project was the base of my MSc research from Mar/2011 to Dec/2012.


  1. Analysis and Optimization of an Inductive Power Transfer With a Randomized Method
  2. Power transfer with an inductive link and wireless tuning
  3. Full four capacitor circuit compensation for inductive power transfer
  4. A study on inductive power transfer with wireless tuning
  5. Design and optimization of a power inductive link
  6. Robust Active Tuning for Wireless Power Transfer to Support Misalignments and Variable Load
  7. Scalable Model of Planar Square One-turn Inductors for Wireless Power Transfer Applications