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Annotating papers and sharing your thoughts, directly from your browser

In the last weeks I’ve been reading a lot of papers. Usually I open an online document (e.g. google docs) and write down my notes there while I read a paper. However, I also like to highlight a pdf as I read it, but that forces me to download the pdf and keep the final file. Therefore I was trying to find a way to annotate a pdf directly from my web browser… and that’s the motivation that made me hack together my very own arxiv-highlighter!

Keep in mind that I am a Javascript dinosaur, hence the code is a hack :smiley:.

Here is an example from a multi-page pdf annotated directly from arXiv:


  • #url=https://arxiv.org/abs/2103.04423: arxiv url
  • &page=1: starts at page 1
  • &cdata=...: compressed data in URI friendly format

You can find more details and source code directly in the repo: https://github.com/ricardodeazambuja/arxiv-highlighter

One problem I see with this approach is the fact I am sending this huge request to the server, even though the server isn’t using it at all because everything happens inside the browser (Javascript). Maybe something using a URL with javascript: (kind of blocked by modern browsers when you cut and paste)? Another option would be to open a prompt where the user could paste the compressed data directly, but this way you would need to copy the data, click on a link and only after the page is loaded paste the compressed data… it seems annoying to me. Solved by using a # instead of ? (thanks to stackoverflow).